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Call Us Today!
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Moving a Manufactured Home in East Texas

The first, and one of the most important step to moving your mobile, modular or manufactured home in Texas, is the Site Inspection. During this inspection we look at fences, trees, bridges, turns, hills, septic location, type of soil etc., to ensure the safety of your home as well as our crew. We understand the customer does not want any surprises when it comes to the work being performed and the final cost. Therefore, after the Site Inspection at both the origination and destination locations, the customer executes a contract reflecting the price and scope of our services and exactly what is included.

Before moving your home

Before moving a home, a site inspection identifies items that may be a challenge to move your home.

Preparing your Site for a 
Manufactured home in Texas
Preparing your site for your a new home or existing home in Texas is not a easy task. There are rules and codes set by the State of Texas to  abid by.  Mobile Home Masters is licensed by the state and  has the experience to make this transition as smooth as possibly. 
We can help you from the begining of a job to the completion of the job followed by excellent customer  service.
Plus warranty on all installations made by Mobile Home Masters.
  • ​Land Clearing
  • Dirt Pad
  • Concrete foundation
  • Installation of home
  • Skirting
  • Septic
  • Water
  • ​Electrical
  • Driveways
  • Plus Excellent Customer Service Department.
 Preparing and transporting from one location to another. This is when we install the tires and axles, take it off the blocks, and the hitch (tongue) is installed by being bolted on or welded on.  Then the utilities are disconnected, and skirting removed.  If your home is a doublewide or triplewide, then it is split apart and wrapped in plastic before the move.

Mobile Home Dealer and Mover in Tyler, Tx. manufactured home for sale in East Texas. Mobile Home Masters in Tyler Tx., Transport, Level

Transport Manufactured Homes in Texas
Our experienced drivers install all necessary lights and signs before hooking up to your home and safely transporting it to its new location. If your home is bigger than 16 wide then we will provide an escort which is required by Texas Department of Transportation. All moving permits are obtained through the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDoT), for every move and the state designates the route in which we will transport your mobile, manufactured or modular home safely.

Difficult locations are no problem. We have two "house kats" that can move every size mobile, modular, manufactured home - from the smallest to the longest.

Difficult Locations
We’ve got you covered when it comes to squeezing a home into that "certain spot". Some locations are very difficult to either remove the home or place the home exactly where you would like. For special cases we have equipment designed for nearly every job, and, our experienced personnel know just what to do. We have the experience and equipment needed to place your home in the desired location.
Mobile Home separated

A manufactured, mobile or modular home must go back together with precision.

Installation of home in East Texas

The installation is basically putting your home back together and consists of blocking up, leveling, as well as tying your home down according to your manufacturers specification or state requirements. On double wide and triple wide mobile homes, we also bolt the floor and roof together, connect the water and electrical cross-overs and install the ridge cap on the roof.

After the completion of the job. We  will send in the necessary document to the state.

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